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Best Android Apps for Kids

16 December 2013

With Android applications aimed at children starting to multiply rapidly – perhaps compensating for what has up until now been a real lack in market offerings, at least in comparison to those offered to Apple junkies – we’ve compiled a list of the best Android apps to keep your kids curious, stimulated and…quietly entertained while […]

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Nikon Showcases Android Powered Coolpix S800c

22 August 2012

The growth of smartphone sales over the past several years has led to lower demand for compact cameras. However, Nikon hopes to reverse that trend by incorporating the Android operating system into its latest compact camera. Nikon is describing its new point-and-shoot, the Coolpix S800c, as a “social imaging device.” The Coolpix S800c comes with […]

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Lookout AT&T, Verizon: Unlimited Data Plan Returns to T-Mobile

22 August 2012

As the largest wireless carriers, AT&T and Verizon, have done away with unlimited data plans over the lase few years, T-Mobile has decided to bring them back. The nation’s fourth largest wireless carrier has announced that it will start selling unlimited data plans once again starting September 5. T-Mobile has been losing customers to both […]

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Apple Patent Granted to Skip TV Commercials

22 August 2012

Annoying commercials may no longer hinder your ability to enjoy watching television. Apple was just granted a patent that allows users to skip TV commercials. Instead of hearing ads about the newest cars for sale, restaurants, and banks, you could play your favorite song or music video during the breaks from your programming. Dish Network’s […]

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Apple Makes Changes at Foxconn Companies, but More Are Needed

22 August 2012

Apple has come under international scrutiny in the past few years for high suicide rates at its partner Foxconn’s Chinese factories, one of the main suppliers for Apple products around the world. Recently, the Fair Labor Association, or FLA, released its report on the state of Foxconn, detailing which steps the company had already taken […]

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Apple And Samsung Set To Go To Jury

22 August 2012

As the Apple-Samsung court case goes to jury, the entire high-tech world is watching with bated breath. This case has the potential to transform mobile development for the foreseeable future. As smart phones have become indispensable tools for modern people, Apple and Samsung have committed to a fierce struggle for the soul of buying public. […]

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LG’s GD510 phone is a great step in the right direction for eco-friendly phones. It comes with a decent sized 3-inch WQVGA touchscreen display, a 3-megapixel camera, and a 8GB of storage space for captured pictures and videos. Additional features include a brushed aluminum case, and an optional solar panel that will replace the battery cover and can be used to charge the phone’s battery.

The LG GD510 has many innovative features:

– Built-in solar panel for charging the phone
– 10 minutes of sun = 2 min 15 sec of talk time or 180 min standby
– Eco-calculator shows amount of CO2 emissions saved by using solar power
– Plugged in, the phone has a reminder to unplug the charger once it’s fully charged
– Packaging is made from recycled paper & soy ink
– The phone does not contain any polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

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