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CSQUID Eco-Friendly Universal Charger


There are a few notable issues with generic USB chargers. The computer needs to be on to charge, you need different chargers for various devices and you may need software on the computer to start charging.

With the CSQUID, there is CHARGE mode to allow you to charge even when the PC is in standby and also does not need software installed when the PC is on. A single cable with APPLE, MINIB and a MINI-to-MICRO adapter will charge almost all your devices. It also has a SYNC mode that allows you to transfer data without using another cable.

The CSQUID continues to charge the portable device through the computer even if the computer goes to standby thereby reducing the drain on the earths resources. In addition to standby charging, it can also charge when the PC is on and do data transfer. A single cable replaces several existing datasync/charge cables for Apple and Micro-USB devices. It does not need pre-installed synchronization software just to charge through USB.

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  1. Herbert Licata Says:

    so that is what will become of darwanism

  2. Traderman Says:

    This sounds great, if ti works as you say, i will olny need one cable when I travel. Where Can I see what this looks like and more importantly where can I get one?

  3. grntech Says:

    You can see the CSQUID at

    It should be on sale through within the next few weeks (mid-June).

  4. mikey Says:

    The CSQUID(MINI+MICRO) for non apple people is now available on amazon.

    I am told that the APPLE+MICRO version for apple folks will be available any day now.

    DISLCLAIMER – I purchased this device in Asia and received an email from alerting me that is is now on sale at AMAZON. Have used it and love the dang thing.

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